Put your aspirations on your wall Our wallpapers are perfect for creating a unique statement for any room, helping you turn a dull and plain space into something extraordinary.

Nature themed wallpapers have always been a hot trend in home decor.

From stunning landscapes and soothing waterfalls to vibrant flowers, birds, and mountains, nature-inspired wallpapers are just what you need to bring outdoors into your home.


Want a fun and unique wallpaper idea for your kid’s room? Check out our range of high quality animal wall coverings online.


Want to refurbish your home interiors? If the answer is yes, then there can be nothing better than a bright and beautiful monument themed wallpaper.


Religion gives us peace and hope. It gives us a way to stay connected with the supreme being at all times. Our extensive collection of religious themed wallpaper for walls gives you a chance to create a spiritual and inspirational decor in your home.


Abstract designs are suggestive, intuitive and definitely a visual delight. They make us think beyond the lines and help create a room that is wonderfully unique.


Don’t want your office to have boring walls and a sad ambience? Check out our range of exciting corporate wallpaper designs that are perfect for making the work environment more fun and motivating.


Want to add fun and colours to your kid’s room? We have the best selection of kids bedroom wallpapers online.


Are you a sports fan? If yes, then sports themed wallpapers are just what you need to make your bedroom wall more interesting.

Luxury Wallcoverings and Modern Wallpapers India

Younique offers exclusive wallcoverings collection online to acquaint your home with attractive décor. Add colour and dimension to any space in your home or office with our range of unique wallpapers. Younique promises luxury style to your walls to put forth an eye-catching expression. Our luxury wallcoverings are perfect for creating a unique statement for any room, helping you turn a dull and plain space into something extraordinary. Be it your bedroom, dining room, living area or even your bathroom, we have wallpapers for every room in your house. You can choose from attractive designs that will help draw attention to your space and bring it to life.

Our digital wallpaper additionally reflects your style and personality. To give your home interior or office interior walls a different look, we offer you nature-themed, sports-themed, corporate-themed, religion-themed and even monument-themed wallpapers. We also have an extensive range of highest quality modern wallpapers designs for kids rooms, ideal for adding a pop of colour and ample fun element to their space. If you love sports, then you can choose from a wide variety of sports-themed wallpapers too. The idea is to help you transform walls in residential or commercial settings and create an impressive backdrop.

If you are looking for something outside-the-box, then we also offer top quality abstract wallpapers. Explore our range of unique wallpapers today to find patterns and designs that suit your style. You can browse through our varied collection of wallpapers and order online to alter your backdrop with elegance and modernity in a flash.

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