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Wallpaper Application

I have asked for wallpaper application support in my order – what happens after I place the order?

Within 48 hours of successful order placement, you will receive a call from our customer service associate for the application of the product. If you want to get the application done via Marshalls certified contractors, you can confirm the same on call. However, if you already have someone to take care of the application, kindly inform us on this call.

How will Marshalls get the wallpaper application done?

After you confirm the requirement for application, we will select one of our certified applicators for you. As soon as the wallpapers are delivered, our customer service associate will arrange a site visit to inspect the condition of your wall & check if the ordered quantity is sufficient for installation. Once everything is confirmed, application will be done as per your convenient time & date. Application charges will be extra & collected directly by the applicator. Approximate charges for the same is 600 per roll plus gst subject to a minimum of Rs 1500 per visit.

Why should I opt for application via Marshalls?

Our certified applicators are highly skilled & trained directly by Marshalls. So, if you opt for application via Marshalls, you can expect hassle-free service with a promise of superior finish. At any time if you have queries or concerns, you can reach out to our helpdesk.(mail OR call us at 9209256565)

I declined to take the application service, but now I have changed my mind & want Marshalls to get the application done. What should I do?

If you want to re-opt for the application service, just give us a call at 9209256565 or write to us at

We will arrange the application at your house by our certified experts.

Will the wallpaper application be charged separately?

Yes, the wallpaper application charges will be extra and they need to be paid directly to the applicator after the service.

How much will the applicator charge?

Approximate charges for the same is 600 per roll plus gst subject to a minimum of Rs 1500 per visit. This is purely for wallpaper installation. In case if surface preparation is required then the charges for the same will be extra.

Hence, kindly discuss the application charge with the applicator after site inspection is complete.

Can you tell me more about the application process?

To understand the application process in detail, kindly see our installation video. At any time if you have any queries or concerns, you can reach out to our helpdesk (mail OR call us at 9209256565)

Are any other products required for wallpaper application?

Yes. A wall needs to be prepared before wallpaper application to ensure superior long lasting finish. You might need a primer, putty & adhesive for this process.

How do I get these products and do I have to pay separately for them?

Yes. These products need to be purchased separately. You can also ask the applicator to arrange these products for you.

How long does it take to complete the wallpaper application?

Wallpaper application time is subject to the condition & size of the wall. The wallpaper installation will not take more than 90 minutes per wall. You can talk to the applicator to get a better understanding of the process & application time for your wall.

Does Marshalls provide any warranty?

Marshalls provides a 3 year warranty on all products, subject to a product related complaint. However, we do not offer any warranty on the application.

I am not satisfied with the application. What should I do?

For any grievance, you can reach out to our helpdesk (mail OR call us at 9209256565)

We ensure quick resolution for all your queries.

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