Architects Speak

Amit Porwal,
Icon Projects Inspace Pvt. Ltd.
Description: "Wallcoverings are the most amazing and fantastic materials by which a designer can achieve his dreams, and their embedded intelligence provides a platform for the future. The texture, pattern and vivid colours simplify a designer's job to get in the right kind of mood In that particular project. The ever-sowIng industry of wallcoverings is bound to grow more and more, and will always assist the 'Creators for their Creativity'."
Behzad Kharas,
Architect CMD,
The BNK Group
Description:"Wallcoverings have transformed the way we designers think of design. The magic of wallcoverings is that it is not time consuming for installation and reduces the project completion time considerably. The advent of silk and fabric finish wallcoverings has even replaced the old format of fabric panelling on walls giving it a much richer feel and superior fit and finish. All In all, wallcoverings are an integral part of our design and there's no site of mine which doesn't have wallcoverings."
Hiten Sethi,
Principal Architect,
Hiten Sethi Architects Pvt. Ltd.
Description: "Wallcovering is an essential accessory in the field of Interior Design today. The vast variety in terms of colours, textures, designs. etc. make it a versatile tool for any architect to complete a space. It adds to a desired ambience and enhances the theme. Easy to use with low maintenance makes wallcovering a super material in the field of Interior Design."
Kaif Faquih,
Principal Architect,
Faquih and Associates
Description:"Wallcoverings contribute greatly to the mood of a project. They bring tactile and haptic qualities to surfaces. An interesting application which I feel is on curved surfaces, where they offer technically superior results with a sensual undertone."
Ketan Sheth,
Director & Principal Designer,
Goldmine Project Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Description:"Wallcoverings have always been an integral part of aesthetic designing. With just the right shade of designer wallcoverings, clients can highlight the interiors of their rooms or hide patchy or shoddy walls executed by local contractors. Whether it's a small house, bedroom or a huge space. wallcoverings just adorn your walls as you like."
Kiran Gala,
Principal Architect,
kiran Gala & Associates
Description: "I would say wallcoverings is the most revolutionary concept to change the total ambience in the shortest of given time. It is cost and energy efficient and now with the choice that is available, it really gives the designer a tough time to select the one out of a thousand choices."
Kunal Kuwadekar,
Principal Architect,
Naren Kuwadekar & Associates
Description:"Wallcoverings are available in various textures. They encourage artists, designers and clients to experiment and approach blank canvases within structures, adding a sense of completion and making the otherwise mundane walls interesting. These Wallcoverings in a sense tickle the optic nerve with their bold lines and sometimes their smart trickery, cerating new perspectives. We actively experiment with Wallcoverings in many of our projects."
Ninad Tipnis,
Principal Architect,
JTCPL Designs
Description:"At JTCPL Designs, we prefer wallcoverings because of the ease of application and the tremendous possibilities they present in terms of aesthetics. Since we cater to the corporate sector, there is also a lot of refurbishing required. We have experienced that wallcoverings allow us to service clients with minimal inconvenience. We can achieve large areas in a relatively short time span. Also contrary to popular belief. the price point is not steep at all".
Sanjay Puri,
Principal Architect,
Sanjay Puri Architects Pvt. Ltd.
Description:"From a stone finish to a gold or bronze look, from a very fine to a grainy to an absolutely coarse texture and from abstract to floral graphics, every imaginable finish is possible to be done within interior spaces with the extensive range of wallcoverings available today. These create an infinite palette to enhance and transform interior spaces."
Simone Dubash,
Description:"'Wallcoverings are extensively in use nowadays and can really change the look of a space with the vibrant colours and unique patterns available in the market. They are also easy to apply and use, and are long-lasting and durable. They really help enhance the interiors allowing the designer to be more creative."
Sunil Gambani,
Architect, Senior Associate,
Architect Hafeez Contractor & Associates
Description:"Wallcoverings are a revolution in the interior industry. The kind of flexibility they offer towards a desired aesthetic is unmatched. The ease with which replacement becomes feasible always makes the interior dynamic and ever-changing with ease."
Sukumar Dharmadhikari,
Description:"We have been using wallcoverings for several years now. The amazing variety available across budgets is mind boggling, which allows one to create any kind of ambience. Add to that quick and easy instaration and you always have a winner."

Customer Speak

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