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Monuments Wallpapers

An unusual view of sun kissed Taj Mahal glowing breight and flawlessly - Marshalls
Illuminating to its best, an amazing view of the landmark Lotus temple - Marshalls
Designed to make your walls alive with its vibrant hues, The Golden temple - Marshalls
A view of the Gateway of India after sunset - Marshalls
Spectacular view of the Great Wall of China - Marshalls

About Monuments Wallcoverings

Travel the world

When it comes to wallpapers, there’s something for everyone. So if you are a world traveler, you can watch your walls come alive with scenes and images that take you down the memory lane or help you plan your travel goals. No wonder, monument wallpaper is in great demand these days. Monuments serve as great memories as well as inspirations. So if you are thinking of visiting Australia some day, why not have a Sydney Opera House right in your room as a constant reminder that will urge you to realize your travel goals?

Monument wallcovering not only gives you a feeling of space but also gives you a sense of freedom. Imagine sitting right below the Eiffel Tower and sipping your morning brew. Of course, monument wallpaper is going to be huge and you will have to therefore underplay other décor elements to make the place visually stunning and aesthetically refined. Luckily, the monument wallcovering available these days is of superlative quality and can serve as a perfect style upgrade for a dull, boring wall. You can have castles, parks, towers and palaces in the background while you entertain your guests in style. The monument wallpaper is ideal for offices too.

If you have a favorite place, you can relive the nostalgia by putting it up in your bedroom in the form of monument wallpaper. Marshalls has the largest collection of Indian monuments wallpapers along with a host of other monuments from all over the world.