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Trendz Wallpapers

Colorful wavy striped zigzag pattern 1 - Marshalls
Colorful wavy striped zigzag pattern 2 - Marshalls
Colorful wavy striped zigzag pattern 3 - Marshalls
Multicolor stripe design - Marshalls
Rainbow texture overlay - Marshalls
Rainbow color leaf design - Marshalls
Colorful ripples pattern - Marshalls
A beautiful wavy texture - Marshalls
Mosaic vertical colorful pattern - Marshalls
Colorful horizontal rectangle stained design - Marshalls
Black & white dots design - Marshalls
Blue shade stripe pattern - Marshalls
Colorful stripe design 1 - Marshalls
Colorful stripe design 2 - Marshalls

About Trendz Wallcoverings

Set the mood

Nothing transforms the mood and vibe of your home faster than a trendy wallpaper. No wonder, it’s in great demand and homeowners as well as business owners are going all out to choose the latest and the finest in wallpapers. From traditional and classic to bold and chic, wallpaper has become quite a game-changer in the home décor arena. The style-defining powers of wallpapers are top-notch provided you know exactly what it takes to transform your room dramatically. For those new to buying trendy wallpaper, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. More so, because the range in price and designs is huge.

Marshalls India has the latest in trendy wallpaper for walls. Trendy wallpaper achieves way more than regular paint can. With the right trendy wallpaper, you can set the mood and create luxurious living spaces. Without spending much on tiles, carpets, and other expensive modifications and accessories, you can play up any theme and give virtually any place the much-needed facelift. Trendy wallpaper for walls includes everything from graphics, nature and textures to cartoons, superheroes, maps, and monuments.

You can use wallpapers to divide space or make it look bigger and brighter. The kind of wallpaper you choose will determine the look of the room. For the same reason, it is important to choose it wisely. Statement wallpaper may also be considered if you want to glam up your décor a bit. Go for classic gold if you want an uber-cool but opulent look.