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Kids Wallpapers

Fairy tale princess in the forest - Marshalls
A story of the wooden bridge - Marshalls
A story of the castle - Marshalls
Beautiful scenic waterfall - Marshalls
Alladin & Jasmine on magical flying carpet, The Arabian Nights - Marshalls
Old fairytale castle on the hill - Marshalls
Cute astronaut, spaceship, rocket, moon & stars in outer space - Marshalls
Cute contemporary floral design for kids - Marshalls
3D bright multicolor cubes - Marshalls
Cute contemporary floral design for kids - Marshalls
Eye-catching contrasting lime green spring flowers design - Marshalls
Get the stars on your wall - Marshalls
Get the sun on your wall - Marshalls

About Kids Wallcoverings

The fun side of home decorating

Home decorating can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you start planning for your kids’ room. Whether you are building a new room or thinking of giving an existing room a quick makeover, you can be extremely creative while decorating this particular room. Kids room wallpaper can be used to create interesting themes and moods. The right wallpaper for children’s room can help you build memories they would want to cherish for life. The key is to shop around and experiment as much as you can. Marshalls has everything from cartoon bedroom wallpaper to popular glow theme wallpaper for children’s room.

You can give wings to your kid's imagination by incorporating kids room wallpaper themes that don't just look good but inspire them. Imagine your kids waking up to visuals of their favorite characters and superheroes and thinking that they too would set out on an adventure one day and make everyone proud. You don’t have to go overboard while decorating a room for your kids. Talk to experts to know what’s popular and feasible for your room size. Keep a realistic budget and then plan accordingly in order to buy the right kids room wallpaper.

Once you choose a suitable wallpaper, you can always add more elements such as ceiling themes, carpet, furniture, accessories etc. to complete the look. Given the huge variety of wallpapers available today, the possibilities can be endless and the end result can be truly uplifting.