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3D Exclusive Wallpapers

Golden glowing hexgonal honeycomb palettes 3D texture - Marshalls
3D greyscale hexagonal palettes monochrome display - Marshalls
3D grey texture adding elegance & royal look - Marshalls
3D dynamic circular design - Marshalls
3D elegant repeating geometric pattern - Marshalls
3D white stripe waves pattern - Marshalls
3D silver bubbles floating in mid-air - Marshalls
An ambient illuminnated corridor creating intrigue to the entrance - Marshalls
An illuminated shining metal corridor - Marshalls

About 3D Exclusive Wallcoverings

There are number of reasons why you would want to use 3D effect wallpaper for walls. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of a room, carefully chosen 3D wallpaper for home gives you a feeling of space. 3D effect wallpaper for walls has a unique appeal, what with a spectacular array of wallpapers available in the market today. The best part is that the textures and patterns of the 3D wallpaper for home can be chosen as per the specific dimensions of various rooms.

While grids, spirals, and floral patterns are extremely popular, you can always consult a specialist to decide the right type of 3D wallpaper for home. Dressing your bedroom with the right wallpaper can be tricky especially if the space is small. You must have a theme in place or some kind of color sync to ensure that it looks big and cozy. While floral designs work best for bedrooms and intimate spaces, geometrical patterns often give office spaces the much needed boost and vibe befitting a workplace.

If you think choosing the right 3D wallpaper for bedroom walls is overwhelming, you must consider hiring a specialist for the task. The best wallpaper companies in India usually have an in-house consultant who can help you with all your small and big home decorating concerns.