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About Us

Reputations are never built overnight. It takes years and even decades to evolve into a trusted brand, and longer still to become the very best in the business.

Marshalls journey to becoming the #1 wallcovering brand in India began almost half a century ago. The brand developed an equity by consistently delivering quality. Quality that manifested itself not just in attributes of the material, but in the ideas, creativity, technology and near obsession in staying up to date with the very latest trends.

All of which has firmly established Marshalls as India’s undisputed #1 wallcoverings brand. A leadership status that offers our customers over 10,000 themes and designs sourced from the most renowned manufacturers across Europe and North America.

We are end-to-end specialists covering the entire spectrum of import, wholesale, retail and installation. At Marshalls, we assure you the very best in material, workmanship and after sales service. The inherent state-of-the-art quality of our products enables us to extend a 2-year warranty. Our wallcoverings are odourless, washable, colourfast, durable and long-lasting.

Always focused on our customers’ needs, we ensure minimum inconvenience and downtime. Our efficiency installs wallcoverings in just a few hours, without any odour or inconvenience. We can renovate your home, office or store within eight hours… all ready for you to move back in and business as usual! No wonder we are the preferred choice of homes, hotels, offices, hospitals and retail chains right across India. Our dealer network ensures that we can reach you wherever you are in the country.

Marshalls. Almost five decades of professionalism at your service.

Established in 1975

We are a wallcovering specialist. We are well professed in the field of wallcoverings.

It was a long time ago when the concept of wallcoverings here was relatively unknown. A visionary Baldevkrishan Sharma, was on one of his trips to the UK. He noticed in the hotel he checked into that the walls had such outstanding designs that they looked like they were dressed up, rather than painted. The design details were intricate, yet the concept was as simple, as special printed material with a paper base, glued on to the walls with special adhesive.

He found this idea and its application brilliant and so he brought it home, establishing Marshalls Wallcoverings in India. Referred to as Baldevji, he saw a potential market of wallcoverings in India as far back as 1975. Since then he has honed in on his vision making Marshalls, the No. 1 Wallcoverings brand in the country today, with the most elite of clientele.

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